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Mr. Gates - Son Of A Witch (Single Review)

I just checked out one of the new singles off of Mr.Gate's album "Empath Trifecta". "Son Of A Witch" is a really cool and catchy tune. The beat this song has is great! He can really drop some lyrics. He's able to rap so quickly, yet he's able to enunciate and you can understand every word he says, which is really something I feel like isn't heard enough. His lyrics also somewhat rhyme, and he's able to do that in a way that works really well. The chorus line is really memorable, and the whole song has a fantastic beat to it. I also like that he plugs his record label and collab partners within the song. That's not something you hear very often, but he's able to do it without detracting from the rest of the song. I enjoyed this song a lot! I definitely recommend checking it out! ~Gangis

Image Credit: Album cover for "Empath Trifecta" by Mr.Gates.

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