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Moved by motion

This afternoon we were sent an email from a publicist that wanted us to check out some of their bands. Usually when we get these types of emails about ninety percent of the time the bands are pretty bad but in this case, that wasn't the case. This band here, their name stood out to me immediately so i went straight to youtube to see if i could find some music and low and behold there was a new release from two weeks ago. So i sat and listened several times, and from the start was quite heavy and when the vocals sat in i wasn't quite ready for what was coming out. i expected heavy growls, like your typical metal core growls but i was met with clean vocals and harmony. At first i was like what the fuck? But i kept listening, and then found myself listening to some other tracks and came to the conclusion these guys are fucking bad ass. It was like i was listening to Crossfade or 10 years with some fucking balls. This band deserves to be heard, deserves to be up on the big stage with the fucking best. You can check out their single slaves here ( ) and i highly suggest you download it and then go like them on facebook and follow this bands career. I know we will.

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