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We recently started playing Motherslug on the station, so I decided to review them. Wow! If you like stoner/doom/sludge metal, this is the band for you! I listened to their self titled 2015 album, and their "The Electric Dunes of Titan" albums. They're just heavy enough to be really fun and interesting to listen to, but at the same time they've got that super chill stoner metal sound. I could easily see myself just sitting and doing work and listening to this in the background. They have lots of distortion and muffled instrumental sounds, and I feel like in some ways they're testing how far they can go making interesting sounds from their instruments, and I love it. The vocals are sort of soft and almost monotone, apart from the occasional 80s style screaming, and the occasional deep growly chanting, and they go very well with the guitar and bass sound. I don't know what else to say, they are just insanely talented and do what they do very well. I hope we see a new record from these guys within the next few years. Definitely go check this band out! ~Gangis

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