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Mother Iron Horse - The Devil's Work (Single Review)

Salem, Massachusetts based doom metal band Mother Iron Horse are back with another killer single. This is the first song they've put out since "Old Man Satan" back in February. I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I heard that they dropped another single, and it did no disappoint. This song comes off of their upcoming "Under The Blood Moon" album that's set to be released on November 5th. "The Devil's Work" has a very classic doom feel to it, and some clean vocals. After how brutal "Old Man Satan" is, I was a little surprised by the clean vocals, but enjoyed them nonetheless. There was still some screaming of course, which definitely sets them apart in some ways from a lot of other doom. The riffs are fantastic, as are the bassline and the drums. This song absolutely kicks ass! I love it! The video was pretty cool too, I really like the filters they put on it to make it look like old footage. I highly recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Title shot from the music video for "The Devil's Work" by Mother Iron Horse on Ripple Music.

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