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Mother Iron Horse - Old Man Satan

Salem, Massachusetts based doom metal band Mother Iron Hose dropped a new single the other day titled "Old Man Satan" which will be featured on the upcoming album "Under The Blood Moon". This song is so good! It's so deep and sludgy and I love it! The screaming vocals are brutal! The premise of the video is that the band takes some sorta psychadelics, goes to scope out an abandoned warehouse for a potential recording area, and then they end up taking part in some sorta satanic ritual. What better concept could you get from a band that's from the Witch City? It's so well done. The video perfectly fits the music, and is very nicely shot and edited. I think it's just absolutely fantastic and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the video for "Old Man Satan" by Mother Iron Horse

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