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Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (short)

MORTAL KOMBAT: REBIRTH was a short that came on the scene about a decade ago and was originally a pitch by the director to get a full-length movie made. While the studio didn’t offer to fund a full-length film, they did accept an offer to do a web-series instead…which would be titled Mortal Kombat: Legacy. This short film would be the basis for the web-series of which two seasons would be produced. The reason ‘Rebirth’ is unique in the franchise’s history is the pitch was to ground the characters in a more ‘real world’ setting, thus making the narrative feel like a more horror/gritty setting rather than have mystical/fantastical elements of the game we all know and are familiar with. Just watching the short and seeing how they change certain fantasy characters to mold into a real-life setting gives them a more horrific structure and turns certain ones into straight up psychopaths. Look no further than explaining how Reptile and Baraka exist in the real world (cannibalism, surgeries, etc). This is what Mortal Kombat would look like ‘Nolan-ized’ as they say when they grounded Batman into real life. The difference is the horror elements get dialed up in this one if it were to exist. The web series that followed this short wasn’t as serious/gritty and did bring back some of the fantasy elements crucial to the lore. However, this short is unique for trying something different and has a unique place in the history of this franchise for helping to jump start a web-series, as well as going for the grounded look. Check it out for curiosity sakes. One can only imagine what a full-length feature were to look like if they let a horror version of Mortal Kombat take place...we can imagine lots of fatalities...



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