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After this franchise exploded with two movies, a cartoon, and several entries, Mortal Kombat tried to expand from its fighting roots and try something different. Enter MORTAL KOMBAT MYTHOLOGIES: SUB ZERO. This was one of the earlier attempts to try something non-fighting and we get mixed results. The is a side scroller with some RPG elements...where of course you play as the winter baron Sub-Zero. The narrative is you are after Quan Chi…who first showed up in the animated cartoon. While it is fun to continually do your iconic special moves against enemies over and over again...the game is notorious for being difficult. Unseen traps, pits, and hard enemies await. With a bit of patience you might find your way through but you’ll have to be dedicated. Also famous for its cinematic cut scenes that happens as the story unravels which are a nice addition. The story itself adds some lore to the overall history but your casual gamer might be put off by some of the frustrations with the challenge. If you’re an MK fanatic...give it a go and see what you can do. For the rest...put this one on ice.


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