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MORGENSTERN - Pornout (Single Review)

Rammstein tribute band Morgenstern dropped a new album titled "Mechamorphose" back in March. I decided to check out the single "Pornout". They're awesome! I love seeing a Rammstein tribute band releasing their own original music, while keeping the same sound. Let's face it, Rammstein isn't getting any younger, and I think it's great that we have a younger band continuing on the same music style. I love this! If I wasn't paying attention, I could easily think that it was a Rammstein song that I'd somehow missed hearing, which I'm sure is exactly what they're going for. There's so much going on here too. The deep guttural vocals, the industrial riffs, the keyboards, and the other sound effects like a woman moaning, dialup tones, and maniacal laughter all come together to form a wonderful song which I enjoyed immensely. I definitely recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still frame from the music video for "Pornout" by Morgenstern.

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