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Morgenstern - Mechamorphose (Album Review)

Swiss NDH/Rammstein tribute band Morgenstern dropped their new album "Mechamorphose" back in February. After checking hearing the single "Pornout" last week, I had to give the entire thing a listen. I was definitely not disappointed. This album is fantastic! One thing I noticed is that the enitire thing has a very "Sehnsucht" era Rammstein type sound to it, which I definitely really liked, and I'm sure it was intentional.

The album starts off with a four minute instrumental piece that begins and ends with a music box type sound, it's absolutely beautiful, and despite those parts of it being so soft and delicate, it somehow still fits very well with their very heavy style. All of the songs are great! I especially loved "Ruhe", it stood out a bit because the vocals had a whipery echoing sort of sound to them, which was really different and I really enjoyed it.

What would an album be without a couple ballads? "Alles Ist Verloren" and Auf "letzter Fahrt" are absolutely beautifully done. They really show the capability of their singer to sing softly. They're wonderful additions to the album.

I think my favorite song on the album though is "Pornout". It's just so heavy and badass. I can't get enough of it. This band is so good! I enjoyed this album immensely. If you're a fan of Rammstein or other NDH bands, this is definitely the album for you. It's so well done. I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Album cover for "Mechamorphose" by Morgenstern

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