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More Human Than Human 25 Years!

White Zombie's album Astrocreep 2000 came out 25 years ago. So I had to write about the most well known track on that album, "More Human Than Human", which is also one of my favorite Zombie tracks. It's still a song that almost any alt rock, metal head, or Zombie fan has heard, if not know word for word. It's a great song with some creative uses of a slide guitar type sound. It's catchy. It's badass. It's kind of nonsensical, like most of his songs. Nobody ever really totally knows what he's talking about, but that's one of the things I love about him. It's just a rock masterpiece that I don't think will be forgotten anytime soon. Rob Zombie is putting out some new music this week, which I can't wait to hear! Definitely looking forward to what he's been up to. ~Gangis

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