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Morbid Angel - 3/26/23 - Los Angeles, CA

Death metal legends Morbid Angel announced a tour celebrating 40 years as a band and called the tour the United States Tour of Terror. This tour would also feature Revocation, Skeletal Remains and Crypta. The Los Angeles stop on this tour would be at the Regent in downtown Los Angeles. LA was so excited for this show that it sold out way ahead of time. A show like this was set to be loud. Even before doors opened, fans were already waiting outside just eager to fill their hearts and souls with death metal.

Up first was Crypta. They are a recently formed death metal band from Brazil. The band features bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto who are both former members of Brazilian thrash metal band Nervosa. So far, they have one album out titled Echoes of the Soul which was released in 2021. They are currently working on their second album set to be released this year. Crypta came out to an already packed venue and started their show with Death Arcana. The growls of Lira filled the venue, and the fans quickly went into a frenzy as they moshed. With a short but ruthless set, Crypta blazed through songs like Possessed, Starvation and Under the Black Wings. The last song on their set was From the Ashes, the first single and music video they released which tells the story of the Phoenix. After a brutal set, Crypta left the stage as fans clearly loved their set and hopefully Crypta come back soon for a longer set.

Revocation is a technical death band from Boston, Massachusetts. They have been active since 2000 and have since released eight albums with the latest one being Netherheaven released in 2022. Revocation came out and started their show with Godforsaken, one of the songs from the newest album. Revocation plays fast and loud and once again; the sold-out crowd went wild with mosh pits and even crowd surfers. Their show continued with Diabolical Majesty, The Outer Ones and Communion. Frontman Dave Davidson took a quick break to talk to the audience about his friend Trevor Strnad formerly of The Black Dahlia Murder who sadly took his own life in 2022. Revocation dedicated the song Re-Crucified in his memory. To end their set, Revocation played Of Unworldly Origin. It was the last chance for the fans to show Revocation what they were made of, and they did so with more mosh pits. Revocation finished up their set and left the stage making way for the headlining band of the tour.

If you're into metal, you have no doubt heard about the legendary Morbid Angel from Florida. Throughout their career, they have released nine studio albums with the latest one being Kingdoms Disdained released in 2017. The venue was packed to capacity as Morbid Angel made their way to the stage and started their show with Piles of Little Arms. More death metal filled the venue as Steve Tucker's guttural vocals filled the ears of every person in attendance. Morbid Angel is also famously known for the guitar solos from original member Trey Azagthoth which he can make his guitar squeal. Morbid Angel played many blasphemous hits from throughout their career which included Garden of Disdain, Unholy Blasphemies, Rapture and Summoning Redemption. Nearing the end of the set, Morbid Angel played God of Emptiness. After that song, Tucker mentioned that on that day, it was the birthday of Azagthoth. Crypta brought out a birthday cake and Azagthoth blew out the candles. The final song of the night was Architect and Iconoclast. This was an amazing show, and every band was amazing and gave it their all to show their appreciation to the audience. Morbid Angel said their goodbyes then left the stage. If any of these bands come to your area, it's a must that you go see them.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

IG: tarantulamanmr

Morbid Angel



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