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Moonspell - Hermitage

I had the great pleasure of hearing Portuguese goth metal band Moonspell's new album "Hermitage" a few days before it's release, but it's taken me awhile to gather my thoughts about it. When the first single "The Greater Good" came out, I was slightly taken aback. Where was the Moonspell I know and dearly love? This was such a different sound, and I wasn't sure what to think.

But once "Common Prayers" came out, I realized that I actually quite like this new sound of Moonspell. They have created such a mature sound and have moved pretty far away from their heavy gothic roots. This album has some classic rock, atmospheric, and other much more mellow but no less good notes to it. I'm glad I did not give up hope and I trusted in the Portuguese wolves to deliver what is now honestly my favorite album. When "All Or Nothing" dropped, that song literally brought me to tears. It's so powerful and beautifully done and emotional. The song is like a very elegantly crafted farewell letter, not only in lyrics, but also sound. The entire album has a very melancholy and longing tone to it. This is present throughout, but then also solidified at the end with the outro "City Quitter" which is a gorgeous instrumental piece, but again very sad.

This album has so many little details that make it feel complete. The "Whooaaa" in Hermitage. The guitar playing at the beginning of "Solitarian". The heavy and very dark sound of "Hermit Saints". This album is just so well thought out, and clearly they spent a lot of time getting everything just right.

They recently said in an interview "We know that we are entering the final years of our career as musicians: the winter of our lifetime.", which if this is their final album, I can accept that, it is the most developed and perfect album they've done. But it's still incredibly sad for one of the bands that has had the largest influence on my life to be coming to the end of their time together. Part of me won't give up hope for at least one more album though.

But. My sadness aside, this truly is a fantastic album. Every song on it is incredible. I definitely recommend checking it out. Forever Under The Spell ~Gangis

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