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Moonspell - Common Prayers

Today Portuguese gothic metal band Moonspell released "Common Prayers", the second single off of their new "Hermitage" album that comes out on February 26th. This song is incredible! Being my favorite band, I'm super familiar with nearly all, if not all, of their works. This is like a next level type song. I absolutely love it! I love how much they utilize clean vocals in this song. Fernando has always been a great singer, but in this song his voice sounds better than ever and dare I say he's even crooning at some points. Love it! I'm also a big fan how much their guitarist, Ricardo, does backup vocals in this track. He has a fantastic voice, and it's great to hear him using it more in those wonderful drawn out notes. I also really like how much we can hear the drums in this one. It's great to hear them really showing off their new drummer. This song just overall is wonderful and even I, a longtime Moonspell fan am impressed. This album is really going to be something special. I can't wait to hear it. ~Gangis

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