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Moonspell - All Or Nothing

Gothic metal band Moonspell just dropped another single from their "Hermitage" album coming out on February 26th. "All Or Nothing" is the first ballad from the album that's been released. Wow. It's absolutely beautiful. Fernando's vocals sound amazing as always, but it's great to hear a new song that's kind of slow and only has clean vocals. There's some definite bluesy influence on the guitar riffs, and a fantastic solo. I love how much they have Ricardo the guitarist do vocals on this song. I think he has an incredible singing voice. Everything about this song is wonderful. The music video was really well shot and gorgeous. They've put out several ballads in the past, but I feel like this one blows them out of the water. After hearing the other singles, I can honestly say that this album is going to be the best one they've put out, their sound has developed so much over time, and I adore the direction they've gone. ~Gangis

Photo Credit: Still shot from the "All Or Nothing" music video by Moonspell on Napalm Records.

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