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Monster Legends VS Wrestling Legends

This movie was actually quite interesting. It was done in a way that i really have never seen and to be honest I'm not quite sure how i feel about it. It had a great B rated movie feel, some cool practical effects, and some shitty b rated movie cgi. I guess for a wrestling fan that happens to be a horror fan this thing was absolute gold. There was a small story line which i wish they would have done more with. It was kinda lack there of, which i understand they kinda had to rush it to fit everything in that they wanted to, but honestly this movie could have been turned into a series if they really had wanted to. They had some pretty big wrestling names tied up in this film and the monsters used were ok for the most part. Obviously they had to wing some characters due to legalities but over all this film wasn't half bad. Would i watch it again, probably not but it wasn't bad for a once through. The character designs weren't bad either, most of them looked pretty good and the film had quite a bit of dark humour which is a b rated horror film must. So it had some good components to it. Over all, go ahead and give it a spin, especially if your a wrestling fan.

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