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MONOLORD - The Weary (Single Review)

Swedish doom metal/stoner metal/psychedelic rock band Monolord dropped a new single today titled "The Weary" off of their upcoming "Your Time To Shine" album that's coming out on October 29th. This song kicks ass! It's so fuzzy and heavy. It has a very traditional doom sound, but at the same time, the riffs are super intricate and almost bluesy. There's a lot going on and many layers to the sound. The vocals are hauntingly wonderful. The video is creepy as hell, but I think it is trying to show some of the emotion that people have been feeling as of late, but it's done so artfully and in such a cool way. It illustrates the song very well. I enjoyed this very much and I am definitely looking forward to the new album. ~Gangis

Image credit: Single art for "The Weary" by Monolord on Relapse Records.

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