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Mistakes can make happy endings 😊

Well no

w, as some may know I am not a huge IPA person. I have tried several and they are just a bit to harsh and bitter for my liking. So, upon my inspection of beer goods from the local taproom, you can imagine my shock when I was given a double IPA by mistake. I thought about taking it back and exchanging it for what I did order; then thought just give it a try. I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to explain how delicious this beer is! So good in fact I ordered 2 more packs of it. Upon the cracking of the can you can smell the spice!! Muy Caliente!!! Then you get the taste, a subtle spice followed up with a sweetness of Mango. It took me straight to the roadside fruit cups with all the chili added. For anyone who likes spicy, this is the beer to try.

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