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Misgiving Is Dropping Their First New Single Since 2018 And We Have Your First Look!

Photo Credit 📸 Billy Collier

I have been following Misgiving since day one, so when I heard they had a new single set to release at the end of September, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Much to my disappointment, the release was pushed back to early October as the band finalized a few details. After that it was pushed out once more when the distributor rejected their album art's dimensions. I was starting to lose all hope of ever hearing their new track. That is until the other day. I logged on a few days ago to find one of the best songs I've heard in a while waiting for me. Once again, Misgiving had come through for me. I had the opportunity to catch up with their vocalist, Tyler Morris, outside of the GraveBound EP release show where we discussed "Sirena". He told us that the track was very different than what we have seen from them in the past and not to expect to hear it’s like again anytime soon. It is a softer more emotional track with very little screaming and a far more acoustic vibe than I'm used to from these guys. If you want gnarly screams, speed driven guitar solos, and heavy drums, this is not your track. If you are open to a calmer sound, packed with emotion and relatable lyrics, then you are in for a treat.

Sirena opens up with a fantastic guitar intro. It's not complicated but in this case, less is certainly more. Joseph Sauret shows a lot of restraint, laying down a progression that feels emotional without being over powering. He clearly knows how to control himself and his instrument. I love a face melting solo as much as the next metal head but sometimes the subtle beauty of a track like this is what I really need.

That same calm emotion Joseph brings to the track can be found in the drum patterns. This track proves that not only does Misgiving know how to throw down for a heavy song, they know when to temper themselves to bring out the best sound for any arrangement. In the case of "Sirena", every drumbeat feels deliberate and strengthens the overall sound and tone of the track. Drummer, Chris Waite is always so intense and energetic so seeing him play this subtle track live is something I know I don't want to miss. He is so talented and fierce that tempering himself down will show he knows when to hold back.

If you have listened to Misgiving in the past, you know their lyrics tend to be emotional and heartfelt. There is such a genuine quality to them, and it is part of why I love the band as much as I do. Another reason is Tyler's voice. His cleans are so smooth and comfortable to me that he could write pop songs, or even country songs and I would likely still listen. Perhaps not as much, but I would listen none the less. While "Sirena" consists of almost entirely clean vocals, near the end there are a few screams tying them to their core sound.

"Sirena" is not what you expect from Misgiving. It isn't heavy, there are no hard-hitting drum arrangements or rapid guitar progressions, but at its heart, it is certainly them. These guys have all worked so hard, despite everything life has thrown at them. Their efforts came together to make one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. It is catchy and emotional, and I can't seem to turn it off. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Tyler, Joseph and Chris. If you missed the Artist Spotlight Show, you can see the interview below! If you want to hear "Sirena" early, tune in to the Monday Morning Mixdown on October 21st at 9AM EST on for your chance to hear the song early.

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