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Misery Rain!

Israeli death metal band Tomorrow's Rain just released "Misery Rain", a single off their new album "Hollow" that comes out in September. I'm not familiar with this band, but found this song because it features Fernando Ribeiro, the vocalist from my favorite band, Moonspell. This song also features Mikko from Follow The Sun. I really enjoyed this song, it had a classic death metal vibe which I really enjoyed, and also had what sounded like some middle eastern traditional instruments, which is an interesting combinations of sounds. The beginning of this song just jumps right in to a heavy thunderous monotonous riff, but it then grows into something a lot more complex and melodic, and a softly whispered spoken piece by Fernando Ribeiro halfway through. It's like a combination of "Medusalem" by Moonspell and "Colossus" by Avatar, is the best way I can describe the sound. I really enjoyed this one, and will definitely be checking out the album when it's released. ~Gangis

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