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MISERY (1990)

Gotta love a classic….for those of you unfortunate souls who aren’t familiar with this timely concerns an author, Paul Sheldon, who after an equally unfortunate car accident is ‘saved’ by coincidentally his self-professed biggest fan. Annie, played brilliantly by Kathy Bates, is just as psycho as she is obsessed. While nursing him back to health…she also ‘encourages’ him to write a new novel, punishes him for trying to escape, and all the while breaking down his spirit. Of course this is all happening in the middle of winter time so we have a nice blizzard backdrop to compliment the narrative. What makes this one work though is the subtle shifts in Annie’s demeanor…from nurturing nice fan one minute….to crazy, controlling biatch the next. We do get some mysteries along the way and learn more about these characters which is always a plus. If the early summer days get too hot and you’re yearning for a winter tale...this one will put you out of your misery. You might think twice before wanting a legion of 'fans' though...

SLASH SCENE: The infamous ankle


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