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MINISTRY - Search And Destroy (Stooges Cover Review)

Industrial metal legends Ministry just dropped a cover of the 1973 song "Search and Destroy" by Iggy and the Stooges. The song will be featured on Ministry's "Moral Hygiene" album that's set to come out on October 1st. This dark bass driven cover takes the original upbeat poppy rock song and completely warps and twists it and makes it into a very heavy industrial masterpiece. One of the big changes they made is they slowed the beat of the song a lot. I think that was a brilliant idea, as it not only made it fit their style better, but also helped transform the song into something completely different than the original. It's absolutely fantastic! This is what a cover should be! The music video that accompanies this song is chock full of post apocalyptic badassery and cool video effects. I enjoyed this immensely, and definitely recommend giving it a listen. ~Gangis

Photo credit: Promo image for "Search and Destroy" by Ministry on Nuclear Blast Records.

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