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Milk Stout Nitro

In the mood for something non-IPAish? Want a beer that has taste but won’t be too aggressive in the process? This Milk Stout nitro, unlike other beers, tells you what to expect with its name: A beer with a ‘milk’-ish taste but combined with a subtle coffee flavor as well. It actually makes for a smooth flavor and even if you don’t like coffee (this reviewer doesn’t drink it), somehow the elements work as the sugar and vanilla-esque combo makes it seem more like a dessert flavor more than just coffee by itself. While some may equate those two to be the same thing, there is a difference. Coffee beers will remind you only of coffee; this one has other elements that remind you of a creamy/vanilla/milk-esque with only a hint of coffee. If that sounds up your alley, warm up with this one during these cold nites.

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