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Racing games are plentiful, but the trick is to occasionally find one that stands out from the crowds. If you want a unique title, look no further than MICRO MACHINES for the older systems. This was a creative title that, as it sounds, takes the classic toys of Micro Machines as your racing vehicles and sticks them into settings such as a bathtub, office desk, even a pool table. You race against other enemies, or a human player, to see who first can complete the laps. The interesting twist is if you’re playing heads up against an opponent, it’s not always about who wins the race, but if you can knock your opponent out of the screen. Do this enough times and you earn enough of those points to win the match without having to circle so many laps. Keeps the variety up and competition up in fun ways. A unique title that still holds up after all these years, check out Micro Machines for micro sized racing vehicles but large sized fun. One thing, the controls are a wee bit sticky..but you’ll learn how to navigate in no time.


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