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It’s still holiday week! And we continue with a flick that might become a cult classic given time….if only for the final 15 minutes. MERCY CHRISTMAS is the story of a lovable oaf, named Briskett, who gets voluntold by his supervisor to have some reports done over Christmas. Briskett tries to throw a party at his own place and only one lovely coworker shows up. She invites him to spend Christmas dinner with her family soon after and of course he takes her up on this offer. Meanwhile, we see random people on the street getting slaughtered/attacked…but they will mix into the story later. What we end up getting is a dinner nightmare mix of cannibalism, affection, brutality, and sadism. The tone fluctuates between dark comedy and straight up horror. While a dark comedy horror can be appreciated, I feel it’s one of the trickiest types to get right as you don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified at someone getting their legs cut off while the villain is casually discussing how good the meat will taste to their other family members. Then again…is it wrong that I got a bit hungry watching some…cooked ribs being eaten? I mentioned the cult classic part, and if you can stick around to the final minutes, you’ll be rewarded with some gonzo crazy action that is way overdue for some memes to be created. Overall, decent flick for what it is, but for me the mix of whimpering, brutality, and laughs were a bit too jarring. Check it out for something different…and the final sequence. You’ll love it or hate it.

SLASH SCENE: Making ‘pie’


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