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Mental Cruelty - King Ov Fire

German brutal deathcore band Mental Cruelty dropped a new single yesterday titled "King Ov Fire" off of their "A Hill To Die Upon" album that comes out on May 28th. This song is absolutely frickin' brutal from start to finish. It's so heavy and so fast paced. There's some atmospheric elements and a really cool guitar solo halfway through that kinda break a bit of the monotony, which in music this brutal is definitely not a bad thing. Towards the end the guitars slow down a lot, almost sound like doom metal, but the vocals remain as heavy, which creates a very good and interesting sound. That's one thing I really enjoy about this band, is that they're able to change their style partway through songs multiple times while keeping it very smooth and cohesive. I enjoyed this one a lot, and I think that their new album is shaping up to be something special. I'm definitely looking forward to it. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still frame from the music video for "King Ov FIre" by Mental Cruelty on Unique Leader Records.

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