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MDFMK - Missing Time (Heavy Metal 2000)

Our second track listing reviewed from the ‘Heavy Metal 2000’ soundtrack is from a band spun off a different band. MDFMK’s ‘MISSING TIME’ was performed from members of the giant KMFDM. Their contribution is definitely one of the most ‘futuristic’ and electronic sounding songs on the entire soundtrack. For a movie (and franchise of two films) that is rooted in futuristic sci-fi storytelling this is definitely a compliment. While MDFMK wasn’t around very long, it’s a shame this song has been buried among their list of accomplishments and isn’t brought to light more often. It’s a catchy tune by itself, but then also exemplifies what a contribution to a Heavy Metal film full of sci-fi stories should be. This one should definitely be dug up and placed on newer modern soundtracks…it would find its place in no time.

Listen here:

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