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Mayhem and Midnight at the Wiltern in Los Angeles

Black metal warfare descended upon the city of angels and what better bands to do so than legendary Norwegian black metal band Mayhem and black thrash band, Midnight. The tour suffered a small setback when Swedish black metal band Watain had to drop from the tour due to visa issues. Nonetheless, Mayhem and Midnight carried on to unleash blasphemy onto their US fans. The second stop on this tour was the Wiltern in Los Angeles. To make things better, it was sold out! A Tuesday night didn't stop hungry metalheads from seeing two of the best metal bands back to back. Midnight is a black thrash metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. on March 4th, 2022, they released their new album Let There Be Witchery. The venue was already packed when the lights went out and the fans cheered in excitement as the members of Midnight made their way to the stage. They started their show with the fast and brutal Black Rock'n'roll. The fans went crazy and started a mosh pit in the middle of the floor. Up next was a song from the new album, In Sinful Secrecy. The third song was a fan favorite, Evil Like a Knife. Midnight's music fits perfectly in the venue and it's quite a sight seeing fans sing along, raise their horns and bang their heads. There's never a quiet moment when Midnight is playing and such is the truth when they're playing bangers like Satanic Royalty, You Can't Stop Steel and the new album's first single, Szex Witchery ( The last song of the night was Unholy and Rotten and let the fans go nuts one last time. Midnight finished their set and left the stage. Things were just getting warmed up as the stage was being prepared for the headlining act of the tour.

If you're currently in the metal scene and have never heard of Mayhem, then I don't know what to tell you. They are, without a doubt, the most controversial metal band of all time. Their history dates back to the 80's and 90's during the early days of Mayhem when the original singer Per "Dead" Ohlin committed suicide by gunshot wound to the head in 1991. Later on, they were charged with a series of church burnings caused by their bassist at the time, Varg Vikernes and Mayhem's founder, Øystein Aarseth "Euronymous". One of the most infamous events in metal history was the 1993 murder of "Euronymous" by Varg which delayed the release of their debut album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas to 1994. Since then, the only remaining original members from the debut album is vocalist Attila Csihar, drummer Hellhammer and bassist Necrobutcher. The venue was fully packed with metal fans just waiting for these black metal legends. The stage was set and the lights went out as the sold out crowd erupted with excitement. The members of Mayhem came out and started their show with Falsified and Hated from their latest 2019 album, Daemon. Csihar came out with what looked like a pope robe, rotting flesh mask and a hood making himself look like an undead pope. He unleashed his hellish black metal vocals onto the audience which naturally formed a mosh pit. The next song was To Daimonion. The show seemed to be separated into three acts spanning the band's career. After a few more songs, the band left the stage and the background was changed. Fans were excited to hear some of the band's music from their debut album which is a black metal masterpiece and landmark. The next song played was the band's signature song and one of the most popular metal songs, Freezing Moon. The next three songs were Life Eternal, Pagan Fears and Buried By Time and Dust. All were classics from the debut album. The band left the stage once again and the final background on the stage was revealed to be the classic red flag from the band's debut EP, Deathcrush. Mayhem pummeled the audience with classic like Chainsaw Gutsfuck, Deathcrush and the grand finale, Pure Fucking Armageddon. Mayhem went the whole show without saying a word in between songs. Mayhem finished their set then left the stage. Carnage and blasphemy was unleashed into Los Angeles and the fans loved every minute of it.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz



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