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Marvels version of Twilight

The Underworld series honestly was not that bad. It is basically like the title says a Marvel comics version of twilight. Not so much horror but a great action flick with a horror based theme. I am usually real big on not using cgi in horror films, i am a huge fan of practical effects. But this movie series and in this case it worked. The only part i wish they had not used cgi was the werewolf transformations. I was spoiled by great werewolf transformations like Werewolf in London, Howling series, Company of Wolves and the like wise but still on the fact that i would not classify this as a horror it was ok. Story lines were great, awesome cast of actors, and who doesn't like to see Kate Beckinsale in skin tight black leather toting a mass arsenal to take out the werewolf army. Over all great movie as long as you look at it as an action film and not a horror.

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