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Every genre has its iconic figures and horror is no exception. Though the Jason’s and Freddy’s continuously get recognized, one that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is Hannibal Lecter. Not that he is forgotten but he isn’t typical of the ‘slasher’ genre and belongs more in the thriller section of horror. MANHUNTER actually is the first cinematic outing we meet Hannibal Lecter. Prior to Anthony Hopkins, Brian Cox plays this character and this movie is the original movie that Red Dragon, a prequel to Silence of the Lambs, is based on. Here, the FBI needs Lecter’s help in tracking down the mysterious Tooth Fairy killer, who is seen to be in communication with Lecter even while behind bars. If you’ve seen ‘Silence’ you should know what to expect from this one. A somewhat slow, but never boring, psychological thriller with great nuanced performances and a mystery of what the Tooth Fairy is all about. The main detective gives a more subtle, restrained performance than Edward Norton does in the 'Red Dragon' remake and is an interesting interpretation when comparing the two. The film looks pure 80s with its grittiness and brutal scenes involving the killer’s victims. If you are into police dramas coupled with fanciful villains than this is your type of film. If you are a fan of the Anthony Hopkins trilogy, you should still owe it to yourself to check out this interpretation made about 5 years prior to the first ‘Silence’ flick. Check it out for some underrated horror history. The Tooth Fairy belongs on the list creepiest villain's along Buffalo Bill.

SLASH SCENE: The climatic fight scene, with music blaring


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