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Magic Chicken Fudgetoe - Technicolour Misery (Album Review)

I saw this album, and absolutely had to check it out. Magic Chicken Fudgetoe? That band name is absolutely epic. Their music is too! They're mostly doom/sludge, but with some hints of noise, thrash, and grunge. It's very instrument focused, which is something I really like. There are vocals, but they're sort of sparse, but what vocals we get are very hard hitting and well done. There's plenty of long drawn out fuzzy doom notes, but we also get some faster riffs which show a definitely thrash and grunge influence. I really enjoy that part of it, because as much as I adore doom/sludge, it's really nice to hear it changed up and made different. This is a perfect album to light up a bowl and jam out. It's so good. The song "Ice Pick Surgery" really stood out as it showed a lot more of their thrashy side. "Creeping Hand" was a really different sounding song with some blues type influence at the beginning. I also really liked the final track, "Banshee". They took their instruments and made so many crazy sounds, with some much softer vocals and a bit more of a classic doom sound. Once again, a crazy band name ended up being a sign of a hidden gem. I enjoyed this album immensely! I definitely recommend checking it out, and I hope this band becomes more well known. They have some serious talent. ~Gangis

Image credit: Album cover for "Technicolor Misery" by Magic Chicken Fudgetoe.

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