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How do you follow up a classic and expect to hit lightning in a bottle twice? Well…you don’t..or at least you shouldn’t expect to but maybe at least try? That’s the vibe given off in THE LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE. We get a whole new main cast of characters except for the most famous of the Frog Brothers…the Feldster himself. Chris and his sister Nicole move to California where they eventually come across the vampire folk that live there as well as Edgar Frog who he enlists to help ward off the coming invasion. This movie screams effort until the 10 yard line and then just dropping the ball. We get the half-brother of Kiefer to play the main vampire….who doesn’t have the same presence but it's a high bar. We get Feldman back, but one BIG thing that irks me is we do have Haim and Alan Frog (Newlander) in alternate/deleted scenes at the end of the movie. Okay, I get it if original characters aren’t asked back for sequels completely (still annoying) and if their presence is explained away then great. But in this one, we get main characters back and they are restricted to just deleted scenes! Why go through that trouble of bringing them onboard for a tease like that? Almost as bad, hypothetically, as having the original busters of ghosts show up in cameos but in different roles (yeah I went there). Anyway, the fact we get two additional main players but in alternate scenes is almost worse than not having them at all. Should have included them in the main script. The movie overall as it is, isn’t terrible per se, just seems like it could have been so much more. There's decent action, California beaches, vampire biting, the works. If you like vampire action, this isn’t the best one out there but if you like your Feldster then try it out. But points taken away for wasted potential. Half a point given back for semi-decent new cover of Cry, Little Sister.



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