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LORNA SHORE - To the Hellfire (Single Review)

New Jersey based metalcore group Lorna Shore dropped a new single yesterday titled "To The Hellfire" off of their upcoming EP "... And I Return To Nothingness" that's set to be released on August 13th. This song is great! In addition to some killer riffs and brutal screaming vocals, it also has some fantastic symphonic elements like stringed instruments and a flute. The flute flows straight into the guitar solo, which is something I've never heard before and really really like. Towards the end, the vocals become a lot darker and more growly and kinda squeal like a pig. I definitely did not expect it to get that brutal but I definitely enjoyed it. This song is fantastic and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Title frame from the music video "To The Hellfire" by Lorna Shore on Century Media Records.

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