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Lord Of The Lost - Priest

German gothic/industrial metal group Lord Of The Lost released a new single today titled "Priest" off of their "Judas" album that comes out on July 2nd. I enjoyed this song a lot! It's got some fantastic growls, beautifully done clean vocals, great symphonic elements, a killer industrial beat and riffs, and the lyrics are very well crafted. I love the well placed church bells, and how they used a guitar squeal as a transition into a brief acoustic interlude before becoming heavy again. The ending is incredible. We get some long lingering deep notes, followed by a church choir type sound with an organ as the credits roll. They're able to flow between different sounds so well, and put so much emotion and feeling into their music. The video itself is really interesting and well done. I love how the band does multiple looks that change with the music, and the two characters the frontman does are able to interact through the use of clever editing, and it's just so cool. I enjoyed this one a lot, and I'm definitely looking forward to this album. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still frame from the music video for "Priest" by Lord Of The Lost on Napalm Records.

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