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LORD OF THE LOST - For They Know Not What They Do (Single Review)

German gothic/industrial metal group Lord Of The Lost released a new single this morning titled "For They Know Not What They Do" off of their "Judas" album that comes out on July 2nd. Since their "Priest" single came out last month, I've been listening to this band a lot. This new song is also fantastic! This song is a gorgeous ballad with a hard edge. The vocals are wonderful, I love how seamlessly he can switch between haunting clean vocals and growls. I really enjoyed in this one how there's a piano being played through most of it, and the inclusion of the choir type vocals and organ. The music video is also really well done, and I love how it's tied to the video for "Priest". This is a great song. I am definitely looking forward to "Judas". I think it's going to be an incredible album. ~Gangis

Photo Credit: Still frame from the music video for "For They Know Not What They Do" by Lord Of The Lost on Napalm Records.

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