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There was a time when 'family friendly' movies back then would be 'adult' movies now. Dark Crystal and Gremlins to name a few. Back in the day, we could still have movies seemingly aimed for the teen crowd but with adult overtones rarely seen now. Enter LITTLE MONSTERS. Real-life siblings Fred and Ben Savage discover there are literal monsters hiding under the bed, which is some pathway into another world where mischief seems to be the main motivation. After befriending Maurice, the elder Savage and his friends make trips back and forth to discover things both weird and otherworldy. While this is deemed a 'comedy', there are definitely some more adult-oriented humor and horror moments. Listen to the dialogue again about what 'Boy' really wants and undertones with all the playthings in this universe. Still worth a re-watch just to take in comedies from a time that pushed the envelope and horror from a time that snuck into such comedies.

SLASH SCENE: Snik Monster


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