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Liquid gold i tell ya!

This is hands down my favorite ipa named after a sport that i didn't even know existed. Several years ago when i first started getting into the craft beer scene this was the beer that started it all. I hated beer with a passion, i had always been a bourbon drinker and hated commercial beer with extreme prejudice until one day a friend handed me this glass of golden goodness from Cigar City Brewing. It is literally the beer that started my obsession with craft beer mainly ipas! At that point i couldn't get enough of them and i couldn't get enough of jai alai. Last year while on tour i finally got the chance to go to Tampa and check out the brewery for myself and get jai alai right there from their tap room and man i tell ya, it was better than i had ever imagined. If you have never had this beer i highly suggest you put it on your must try and list and go check out the tap room if you ever find yourself in tampa.

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