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Let it come to Fruition

As a local girl I decided to invite a friend to come check out Watsonville’s newest taproom. In a short period of time there have been a small few Craft Breweries pop up in our little farming town. Upon reading about this new glorious beer wonder, I discovered they use local and sustainable ingredients when making their beers. They are nicely located in an up and coming shopping center with several food choices, including the food truck located on their dog friendly patio. (We had the Mexican food from there, delicious) The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, while enjoying teaching you about their craft. It’s a must if you are in the Santa Cruz, CA area to swing by Fruition Brewing. I have included the link to their social media page as well.

Beers pictured: Watsonville Wildflower 5.5% ABV, Coconut Carmel Port Tint 6.2% ABV, Black Current Snack 4.9% ABV, Tint 5.8%ABV

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