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Leo Moracchioli - Free Bird

Famous Youtube metal cover artist Leo Moracchioli released a cover yesterday of one of the best known songs of all time, "Freebird". I mean, how can you make what's widely regarded as one of the most well written songs better? By making it metal, of course. This is a great cover. I enjoyed it immensely. He was able to take all the key elements you needed to make it the same song, but made it significantly heavier, added some growls, and a heavy thudding drum line. I love it! Now all I can think about is how much better the end scene of "Devil's Rejects" would be if they used this version of the song. Badass, right?? Anyways, I really like this cover, and definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the video for "Freebird" by Leo Moracchioli and Frog Leap Studios

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