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LAST NIGHT IN SOHO is unique entry that's hard to classify. Is it horror? Mystery? Psychological Thriller? Probably some sort of combination of all the above. Definitely one of the more unique movies you’ll see this year; we have the main character, Ellie, moving to a school in London to pursue an education in fashion design. Doesn’t quite make the best of friends with people in the dorms, so she moves out to rent an upstairs bedroom from a local elderly lady. Eventually, since sleep is never dull, while sleeping Ellie seems to transport back to the ‘60s complete with colorful visuals, music, dancing, and following a lady who ‘almost’ resembles her to the point that Ellie sees herself in this mysterious figure and even dyes her hair blonde to match. Each new ‘dream,’ we see a plot unfold concerning the dreamwoman (Sandie), her goal of making it big, shady promoters, the seedy side of London, and even a mysterious old man in present day who seems to know Ellie. As these happen more often, it seems the lines between reality and fantasy are blurring that she, nor we, know what's going on...until the very end. Once Ellie starts seeing some forms of ghosts following her around and witnessing something terrible happening to the characters from the ‘60s, she has to solve what really happened for their sake and her own sanity. For fun colors, visuals, and enough themes upon themes and hiding behind sub-themes, check this one out for some surprises.

SLASH SCENE: The visuals


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