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Lamb of God - Inglewood, CA - 10/13/22

Lamb of God released their ninth album Omens on October 7, 2022. Earlier this year, they announced their headlining tour with special guest Killswitch Engage and a rotating choice of bands for support. Lamb of God is currently one of the best live bands around so naturally, their shows are always packed with loyal fans. The stop on this tour was the newly built YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California. Fans quickly packed the venue in anticipation to see all these good bands in one night.

As Lamb of God was preparing to go on stage, the stage was covered by a drape. The lights went out and the packed venue roared with excitement. Behind the drape, you could hear frontman Randy Blythe singing the clean vocal section to the opening song, Memento Mori. Once the song started, the drape came down to reveal all the band members on stage. Right away, you could feel the energy that Lamb of God gives off during their live performances. The next song was one of their best songs, Walk With Me in Hell. To increase the intensity of the song, Lamb of God added pyro to the song. Because no song about Hell is complete without pyro. The song after that was another one of their best songs, Now You've Got Something to Die For. For these first few songs, the fans on the floor were ruthless. Mosh pits and crowd surfers ruled the floor. Other brutal songs performed were Ruin, Omerta, 512 and Omens. There wasn't a second where it was quiet or calm. Lamb of God never lost energy and the crowd responded by moshing the whole time. Blythe was very energetic and interacted with the crowd as much as he could. His interactions helped prove why he's one of metal's greatest frontmen. Pyro and fog cannons would go off on certain songs to give each song flare and that much more awesome to see live. Nearing the end of the show, Lamb of God brought out their best hits. The first one was one of their most famous songs, Laid to Rest. Naturally, the fans went berserk as they moshed harder and even more crowd surfers were present. Fans and Blythe held up their middle fingers during the chorus line of "see who gives a fuck!". To end the night, Lamb of God played their usual closing song, Redneck. Blythe always orders the fans for the whole floor to become one giant circle pit and for everyone to either join or get out of the way. An explosive way to end the show. Lamb of God finished their show, thanked the audience, and left the stage. It was good having Lamb of God come back for a headlining tour and hopefully they come back again next year.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz

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