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Korpiklaani - Jylha

Today, folk / thrash metal band Korpiklaani dropped their new album "Jylha". Wow this album was even better than I expected, and I already had high hopes. This album is so heavy and definitely the absolute most badass useage of an accordion I've ever heard. "Tuuleton" is a particularly interesting one, as it has some useage of an acoustic guitar and is really soft for a minute or so before it jumps into their usual heavier sound. It's absolutely beautiful. I feek like some parts of this album have some doom metal influence, which is especially prevalent on "Miero" and "Juuret", the bass at the beginning of those ones sounds so fuzzy, it's wonderful. "Huolettomat" has an absolutely epic intro. I've been a fan of Korpiklaani for a few years, and I'm still totally blown away by this album. I feel like they've kicked things up a few notches. This album is just so good. I can't get enough of it. I very highly recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Album cover of "Jylha" by Korpiklaani released on Nuclear Blast Records

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