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Komatose - The Uglier

Horrorcore legend Komatose dropped their new album "The Uglier" today. This album is bad ass! It's got a zombie theme on a lot of the songs, it's got blood, guts, and some awesome featured artists. I especially liked the sample from "Dear God" by XTC that they used in "Dear...". Not only does it fit really well and sound fantastic, I'm a huge fan of that song. I also really enjoyed "Make It Rain Brains" ft Rukus and Buddy Danger. It uses music from the Saw movies, which I thought sounded incredible. "See You In Hell" used the intro from "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC, and I thought that it was a great sound to add to their song. In addition to sampling some great songs, their lyrics are really clever and sound great. I enjoyed this album a lot. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Album cover of "Uglier" by Komatose.

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