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Some flicks only work if you're a fan of the sub-genre they would be placed in. KILL, BABY, KILL is an effort from Mario Bava, in the Italian gothic type of fare from the 60s/70s. We start off with a woman seemingly throwing herself (or did she) to her death at a church. A city Dr. is then sent to the village to investigate the true cause of death and is met with hesitation and force from some of the locals who believe that autopsies shouldn't be conducted on bodies. Other superstitions are discovered such as leech ropes being used on folks to ward off any potential curses. Along the way we get a mystery of a ghostly little girl, the village 'witch,' people who disappear after seeing the ghost, and the real stories behind some of the townsfolks. As far as Italian gothics go, the visuals are great. Eerie atmosphere, fog, colorful backgrounds, and intriguing characters. This genre is known for its visuals and while the story, once resolved, has a lot going on, it's worth checking out if you like Bava or any other similar works. See for yourself, if nothing else the atmosphere is worth it.



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