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The renaissance of the horror genre in the 90s, or the teen horror craze, saw several entertaining horror flicks come our way. One of the better ones was 1998’s Urban Legend (see previous review in the Horror Cult). As it is, a follow up-was made, but does it entertain as well as its predecessor? URBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT takes place in a college setting, like the first, with the key difference being we follow around a group of student filmmakers. The only recurring character we get back is Reese, the security cop from the first (I don’t count the quick cameo at the end). While the film uses the ‘urban legends’ for its dismemberments of the cast, this outing suffers from two main restraints: 1) The cast isn’t nearly as memorable as the first and 2) the boring kills. While we do get to see the popular ‘kidney’ heist in action (it was only referenced in the first and our hero escaped in time), other kills paled in comparison to our earlier ones. Also, the film itself suffers from more tedious scenes and doesn’t keep you as engaged as the first. While I always appreciate a sequel for having ties to the first one (Reese), this second outing doesn’t capture the whodunit approach as effectively or as entertaining as the original. Check it out for more urban legend discussions and kills…though not as great as the first time around.

SLASH SCENE: The kidney heist!


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