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Khandra - Irrigating Lethal Acres With Blood

Belarusian black metal band Khandra released the first single "Irrigating Lethal Acres With Blood" off of their upcoming "All Occupied By Soul Death" album last week. The album is coming out on May 28th. This song is frickin brutal! It's got a very classic black metal feel with some great riffs paired with dark growly vocals which create a rather unnerved feeling. If that wasn't enough, check out the music video, which is very much disturbing. It starts off showing some barefooted people plowing a field and some skulls, but when the first growl of the vocals kicks in, we get a very grisly sight of the singer's face poking up out of the ground looking very much dead, and his eyes covered in maggots. We get some other seemingly undeads, a freaky demon, and some other scary imagery, but the singer is what I can't get over. Yikes. It's terrifying. I also really like how it was filmed in a way to look like old footage. I enjoyed this song and the video immensely, and I'm definitely looking forward to the album. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the music video for "Irrigating Lethal Acres With Blood" by Khandra on Seasons of Mist record label.

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