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Kardashev - Snow-Sleep

Progressive/atmospheric deathcore band Kardashev put out a music video for their single "Snow-Sleep" last week. This song is off of their EP "The Baring Of Shadows" that came out last year. Wow... Listening to this song is an experience. I had it on in the background, and it fully pulled my attention away from all distraction. It's that good. It's got some absolutely gorgeous operatic vocals, some brutal growls, a fantastic bassline, some beautiful acoustic guitar lines, really heavy riffs, a great drum line, and some crazy atmospheric sounds. This song kinda has it all. The whole premise is that we're following a fictional family and their struggle to make it through a snowy forest and end up having to leave a child behind. That concept is so raw and brutal, and yet I'm sure that's something that has happened in the past. Such a strong emotional concept for a song. The video is great, it shows a little girl being left in the woods, some POV and third person stumbling through snow, a lot of great footage of the band playing, and it ends on a shot of snow topped trees. All of it is very well shot and beautiful. It's been a long time since a song made my jaw drop, and this one did it. It's absolutely amazing, and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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