• Phoenix

Jinjer Is No Cringer

"Come in here you have to see this!" my roommate yelled across the house excitedly. I entered the room and saw on the screen this band that -at first- did not seem special at all to me. That was until the band went into their song "Pisces" first chorus!

This Ukranian powerhouse will pull the rug right out from under you the first time you see them. I took one look at Tatiana and thought this would sound like most of the other female-fronted metal bands I've seen but boy was I shocked when she opened her mouth and the devil came out in her voice! I was hooked in a second!

Fast forward about 5 months and Dana and I were lucky enough to have Jinjer come to our town and we snagged tickets before they sold out..(protip- this band seems to sell out most of their shows. Get tickets early) I won't be rude to the opening bands but they certainly were not my cup of blood. So in the spirit of only saying good things or nothing at all I will choose the latter.  After the opening acts were done and Jinjers set began, Tatiana's vocals cleansed the room of any bad vibes left by the previous acts like a firehose to a sandcastle.

Romans TIGHT and stellar guitar work, Eugene's slap-you-in-the-mouth bass, combined with Vladislav's thunderous drums all make for one deadly cocktail. This is made even sharper and awe-inspiring with Tatiana's demonically impressive vocals.  The crowd was frenzied the entire time on the energy this band brings with it. They are professional to the nth degree. Intricate melodies and harmonies coupled with a voice that can only be described as sounding like a fiend from the pits of darkness is the rule of the day. No one made errors no one was out of breath and yes- the vocals sound just like they do on the studio albums. ARE...YOU...IMPRESSED...YET? I left feeling I got my money worth for my ticket price and then some.  Jinjer will take the world by storm!