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JIGSAW (2017)

The ‘ol classic horror reboot/sequel/prequel..whatever you want to call this one. JIGSAW arrived almost a decade after the last entry in Saw 3D. That one managed to wrap up most things nicely in a bow so we were curious to see what tricks Jigsaw had up its sleeve. Marketed as a “Is he really dead or isn’t he’ tagline, one would think if they somehow pulled off the ultimate surprise of John being alive (in present time) then all previous entries would have been nullified. Without giving away all the twists, this film is a lot less gory than its predecessors and tried to be heavier on the narrative and how it fit into the ‘Saw’ universe then in just blood traps. A group of strangers wakes up in a room, buckets on their head nonetheless, and are told from a tape recording to play a game or else die…via chains attached from their necks to a giant saw in the room. As we progress through this game, the parallel story are bodies are found throughout the city seemingly fitting the work of Jigsaw and we meet folks familiar with his work, as well as one of his biggest fans. At this point in the game, one would think a lot of the general public would be aware of these shenanigans and this is one area where the film gets right. It would be too tough to think no one outside the immediate victims and immediate players of the previous films to be made aware and this film does a decent job at expanding the scope of the ramifications of at least the knowledge and existence of Jigsaw and his followers. The ultimate twist though; on the fence. The plot/traps/cast; not a bad job in adding some additional characters but I wish they would have tied in more of the previous lore for us hardcore fans. Hoffman update? Gordon update? Favorite minor characters we don’t know their whereabouts? Frustrating when the studio tries to appeal to a more widespread audience but doesn’t have enough easter eggs for the folks who have been with the series from the beginning. That said, check this out if you’ve already seen the others…no point in stopping now. The final 'kill' is spectacular. Just wanted something with a little more…edge.

SLASH SCENE: Waking up in the first room


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