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Jellyroll Ft. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko - Creature (Single Review)

First off Jellyroll is my guy so this might sound a little biased but I speak brutally honest if I don't care for something. This song captivated me as a huge fan of all artist involved. The shear truth and darkness behind the song made it super relatable and something that I could totally vibe with. Jelly has that voice that conveys his pain and you can hear what message he is trying to deliver. Tech comes in with the classic Tech feel and flow and rips the track apart. Then you have the OG Krizz Kaliko who comes in with that soulful style and sound and really sets it off. Jelly has some lines in this song that really hits home like these...

There's a creature in my closet

I can hear him rumbling 'round

The demons screaming in the distance

Creates such a humbling sound

The monster that's outside my window

He's like family to me now

The things that people are afraid of

Never let me down

Check this song out and check each of these artist out. You will NOT regret it!

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