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We’ve done 90s horror and some 2010’s horror, so figured it was time to mix it up and do some early 21st century. JEEPERS CREEPERS came out right at the beginning of the decade and was (prob unintentionally) timed well. Jason X premiered the same year, we were a year away from Busta Rhymes mixing it up with Michael Myers, and Pinhead had long gone straight to video. It was almost as if the film knew horror needed another icon. And an icon we got in the form of The Creeper. The film on its own is pretty effective. Tells the story of two siblings who on a road trip come upon some pit, after some road rage from a mysterious truck, and curiosity ends up killing the cat. After the brother, a young Justin Long, decides to check out the pit for himself, we see several mutilated and stitched bodies. With that, our siblings have to evade some creature who doesn’t really appear in full or give an explanation until the end. We get tension, subtle scares, and great characters in a cat-chasing-mouse film. And it does this well. Slickly paced little horror-thriller which does a good balancing act. Also, props to the writers for the ending they chose…rarity in today’s genre. Check it out for a good time.

SLASH SCENE: The car scene with signature song playing


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